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Free Footwork Class

We are running a free footwork class from 7 to 7:30 every Monday and Wednesday.
No need to register, just show up.

Latest Results

11/20/2022 - BCAF Mixed Veteran Epee
6th Mark Hecht New C2022!

11/18/2022 - Freehold Fencing's E & Under Epee
3rd Logan Horowitz 

11/11/2022 - Manchen Friday Night Div 2 Epee
3rd Logan Horowitz 

11/06/2022 - Platinum Open Epee Cup
1st Logan Horowitz New E2022!
2nd Adam Kirsch 

10/21/2022 - Freehold Fencing's E & Under Epee
2nd Logan Horowitz 

10/09/2022 - World Championships Vet 60 Men's Foil
19th John Lawrence 

10/09/2022 - BCAF 22nd Annual Robert Flynn Memorial Epee
9th James Sun New D2022!

10/02/2022 - Atlantic Fencing Academy D2 Epee
1st Adam Kirsch 

10/02/2022 - Atlantic Fencing Academy Unrated Senior Mixed Epee
1st Adam Kirsch New E2022!

 Address Our Lady of Consolation Church
1799 Hamburg Turnpike
Wayne, NJ 07470
Click here for directions
We meet in the Ministry Center which is well down the hill from the church. If you are in the parking lot that is on the same level as the church, you did not go far enough down the hill.
 Hours Monday: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Masters does not charge for open bouting. Please come and join us for a fun night of fencing with fencers of all skill levels. After a few visits, please consider supporting us by becoming a member.
 Membership Annual membership is $150
(make checks payable to "Masters Fencing Academy")
 6 lessons for $210
12 lessons for $360
(make checks payable to "Masters Fencing Academy"
 Contact Info Email:
917-335-9734 (Head Coach Mark Hecht)